Hello fellow NCUCA colleagues and friends:

I’m reaching out to all of you to shed light on a very urgent topic. AB2501 is coming to the floor for vote this week in California. The results will be very problematic for many industries, most importantly the credit union industry, if this bill passes. At this time, I urge all employees of credit unions in California to oppose this bill by using the Connect for Cause link provided in the press release in the link below. The President of the CA/NV Credit Union league, Diana Dystra, one of our Keynote speakers has “all hands on deck” and “it’s priority number one” to get this bill opposed and at a minimum modified. The CA League’s remarkable advocacy and legislative outreach efforts helped raise attention and opposition to this matter, with the goal of getting meaningful amendments to protect our industry and members. As the President of an organization that supports the credit union movement, I assured Diana that we can leverage our huge NCUCA network to further raise enough opposition that will require the Senate to take up our issues. The NCUCA is monitoring this issue closely with CA League while also working with NAFCU’s Dan Berger as well as they have their concerns from a federal level, not just a state level if this very bad bill passes. Please share with your industry networks asap as we need another 6K messages sent to local representatives in CA and I assured Diana, the NCUCA can help get this done immediately. See press release below. Let’s do this together!


Warm Regards,

Art Sookazian
President, National Credit Union Collections Alliance